I have published widely on First World War photography, medical photography and the history of emotions.

You can see all my publications in my DMU website

Here are the latest ones:

“From Facial Expressions to Bodily Gestures. Passions, Photography and Movement in French 19thC sciences”, History of the Human Sciences, online first: Dec 2015. Feb 2016, vol 29(1), 27-48. Open Access. You can read more about this article in an interview in the History of the Human Sciences website

“Die psychologie des lächelns bei Georges Dumas. Eine fotogeschichtliche Studie”, Fotogeschichte, 140, 36, 2016. Open Access. You can download the English version here: pichel-the-psychology-of-the-smile-fotogeschichte


“Les Gueules Cassés. Photography and the Making of Disfigurement”, Journal of War and Culture Studies, vol 10, issue 1, November 2017, 82-99.

“Cuerpos Patológicos. Fotografía y medicina en el siglo XIX”, Alcores, 19, 2017, 55-35.