‘From facial expressions to bodily gestures’: my article is now online!

2015 has been an amazing year, and has ended with great news: History of the Human Sciences has just published my article ‘From facial expressions to bodily gestures: passions, photography and movement in French 19thC- sciences’.


I’m particularly happy with this because it’s the first article that comes up from my Wellcome project, and thanks to the support of the Wellcome Trust, it’s been published on Open Access, which means that everyone can download it -no paywall!

Here is the abstract:

This article aims to determine to what extent photographic practices in psychology, psychiatry and physiology contributed to the definition of the external bodily signs of passions and emotions in the second half of the 19th century in France. Bridging the gap between recent research in the history of emotions and photographic history, the following analyses focus on the photographic production of scientists and photographers who made significant contributions to the study of expressions and gestures, namely Duchenne de Boulogne, Charles Darwin, Paul Richer and Albert Londe. This article argues that photography became a key technology in their works due to the adequateness of the exposure time of different cameras to the duration of the bodily manifestations to be recorded, and that these uses constituted facial expressions and bodily gestures as particular objects for the scientific study


Enjoy and happy 2016!


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